Road to Shandara


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    Another one of Ken Lozito’s adventure series starts with a bang when Aaron Jace an ordinary boy after passing the high school come to know the dark secrets about his family. The day his grandfather died was a terrible day for him because he had no one else to rely on in his life. But then there was a note left by the grandfather telling him about the struggle in which his family is involved for years and that struggle is keeping everyone around them safe. Quickly the young boy is dragged into the war of which he never had a sense and although he never liked such wars but it was like a duty call.

    Road to Shandara

    No one asked about his opinion, he was just given the charge which he had to accept. The Safanar world is not that which he thought would exist in the universe, the world full of castles and dragons and then there are technological tools far superior than the hero ever saw on earth. Aaron emerges on the scene as he come to know about his true powers more and more but then with greater powers always comes greater responsibility. Tarimus the evil known for its sinister plans needs Aaron for his powers.

    Once Tarimus gets hold of the powers he would be able to launch something big against the whole domain. There are some elements like Infinity’s Edge and Star Shroud but overall no similarity in the worlds and the characters that have agendas quite different as compared to the previous series by the author. Narration is well tackled by Vikas Adam in all the aspects whether it is the fighting scene or the climax the job is well handled.

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