Moonwalking with Einstein



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    If you think this book is just an autobiography of Joshua Foer then you are mistaken very badly. The author does not talk about personal life rather this book is about a beautiful personal experience that the author had in life. The art of remembering is not considered an essential thing these days because of the gadgets we have in our pockets all the time reminding us what to do. Even the birthdays of friends and relatives are reminded to us through our computers and mobiles so remembering is something which has become an old trend now.

    Moonwalking with Einstein

    No one tries to take more pains in remembering something and trying to learn techniques to enhance this quality of mind. Joshua once had the same notion about the thing and then he started to know more about the art of remembering.

    The more the author went deep, the better he understood the need for memory power. Joshua didn’t stop at one place; he just kept on going in this wild passion of his. Learning from different people the ancient techniques of improving memory was real fun for him. He tells us through this book that how in the past people could memorize the whole book. Without proper memory according to Joshua, a man is nothing, it the memory which makes our life more colorful and interesting.

    Mike Chamberlain didn’t have to do much effort in narration because the book was so interesting concept-wise that the audience just didn’t give much attention to how it was presented. There are not many questions aroused by the author he just wanted us to feel the sensation of memorizing something.

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