God Emperor of Dune


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    Fantasy of the “Dune Saga” keeps on mesmerizing its listeners as the series comes to the fifteenth chapter of unending action. Frank Herbert has been quite successful with the adding of new and innovative things in his series, the final blend surely rocks the listeners as most of the time unexpected actions grip you in the end.

    When this chapter opens we are informed that it has been three thousand years since the first event took place in the mighty dune. There is only one godly figure that has survived all these tests of time and is still alive with all the history secured in his mind.

    God Emperor of Dune

    Leto Atreides the son of a prophet and an immortal being is like the grandfather of knowledge. He knows the past because he has seen everything with his own bear eyes and can foretell the future because he is blessed with certain powers. One thing he is clear about is that his race is coming to an end and the whole race will eventually become nonexistent sooner or later. In order to save the race he has to improve the breed but this can pose a threat to his own existence.

    A nice continuation to the books like Dune and Dune Messiah, this one however gives us a hint that we would be seeing big changes in the setup in the upcoming parts. Simon Vance can be seen in the narration once again and the narrator has been fulfilling the task almost from the very beginning and it’s a fine effort overall. The narrator knows all the characters, their traits and the formation of the plot which makes him more confident in his job.

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