Heretics of Dune


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    If someone really likes to get soaked in a big literary drama this piece of art is the best thing for him. Fantasy and the science fiction element really touch their peak and they gain such a magnitude that cannot be surpassed or achieved. Each time you pick a part whether it is God Emperor of Dune or Dune there is something new in it but the old legends still remain and their bond really amaze us. Frank Herbert never leaves lose ends or unfinished businesses and gives full time for catharses.

    Heretics of Dune

    Thousand years have passed since the place known as the Rakis emerged on the face of the universe and gained fame because of its Dune. Though the civilization that came to existence was supreme and lived according to the full potential that it possessed but now the habitants are disappearing. The planet is once again turning into a desert that will give only one outlook i.e of death and decay. The so called Lost Ones are finally coming back to the planet but even they cannot do anything for the protection of the planet.

    Heretics of Dune

    The very core of its existence is dying as the sandworms are ending one after the other. The only thing that can save the planet is its new breed the children of the Dune who possess a new power that they call love. The pair of Simon Vance and Scott Brick gives everything to narrate this catastrophic episode of the Dune saga. Though it looks like everything is coming to end but it is a new beginning like always seen in Frank Herbert’s works.

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