First Rider’s Call


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Karigan was just running from school when she found the first green rider who gave her the brooch and with it a grave responsibility. Being the daughter of a wealthy man she never wanted action in her life. A pleasurable life was her dream in which she even doesn’t have to go to school instead of this entire thing she gets a breathtaking job for a lifetime. Being a green rider is cool if no one is chasing you and if the monsters and magical creatures are after you then you are dead for sure.

Karigan just tries to escape from all of this just like she tried to run from school once. But the soul of the dead rider just doesn’t allow her to do that, it has followed her since the day she got those powers. Normal life is not for her anymore so she becomes hopeless and joins the band of the riders on their sacred mission. The mission is dangerous because they have to defeat the ancient evil which has returned to the land and Karigan is forced to devise a deadly plan of her own.

First Rider's Call

Kristen Britain wrote Blackveil and Green Rider with superb accuracy and here the author has adopted another trick i.e the character is left free on its own will. Looks like the author is not writing the fate of the character rather the character is taking its own decisions. Ellen Archer’s narration makes us feel that the character is very much alive taking bold steps all the time which can change the whole direction of the story in the time to come.


Green Rider

The High King’s Tomb


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