The High King’s Tomb


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    The day Karigan became the green rider she developed a strong connection with the magical part of the land called Sacoridia. The evil of every kind roams around the empire’s walls still no one dares to enter the premises of the empire because of the presence of the elite force of the green riders. They are the defenders of the land against all evil; among those evils is the all-time great known as Morhanvon whom the green riders buried long ago. Spirit of that evil still exists in a deep-down prison trying to escape the arrest of the riders. The prison walls are now weak and the spirit can easily escape but Karigan is keeping a tight eye on the thing.

    The High King's Tomb

    Also, the guidance of the first rider’s spirit is playing a vital role in the girl’s success. Arcosians left the scene long ago when they were defeated but they have been training hard in the art of black magic since the day they were defeated. Now as the new generation of the enemy comes loaded with the power of the black magic the green riders just have no defense against it.

    Ellen Archer portrays the confused Karigan here in a precise manner with the help of her narration. Kirsten Britain is making things serious and huge in every episode Green Rider and First Rider’s Call were not about the prediction of a big war but here the war is slowly building up. It would not take long when we will see Karigan landing in the open battle against the accursed enemy. The only thing that everyone prays for her is that hope she might not be alone.

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    First Rider’s Call



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