The River-Hatchet, Book 2


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    The River By Gary Paulsen

    This is the sequel to Hatchet and in this novel, Brian is back in the wild and is in a new location joined by Derek Holtzer. He is a psychologist who is working with a government program that teaches people about survival in situations similar to what Brian had after the plane crashed. However, this one seems to be planned and Brian finds it easy until a lightning strikes and turns everything into a life and death situation. The River is a perfect sequel the Hatchet that will keep readers thrilled the entire time.

    The River-Hatchet, Book 2

    Derek Holtzer, joined by 2 men from a school for survival comes to Brian’s house asking him to do it for the 2nd time. Brian has just recovered from the experience he had in the woods, and now people are asking him to do it again. He is hesitant at first, but after learning that it will be used for helping others, he agrees. All he needs to do now is to get his parents to say “yes.”


    After 2 weeks, Brian boards an aircraft, as everything flashes back to him while he is waving goodbye to his mom. Brian and Derek are headed to an unknown lake about 100 miles from the lake where the plane crash happened and Brian needed to survive. The plan is to survive how Brian was able to, having nothing but clothes and the items he had in his pocket. However, as Brian boards the plane, he finds that Derek brought a lot of survival gear. While landing, Brian insists that the gear has to be sent back home. They come to a compromise and Derek only takes the emergency radio, and a briefcase that has notebooks in it.

    The River-Hatchet, Book 2

    During their 1st night, Brian and Derek have to endure the insects and the cold because there was no flint to be found anywhere so they can make fire. The next day, they find a flint and a natural tree shelter while exploring the area.

    To continue your adventure with Brian and Derek, listen to this audiobook..

    List book in the series

    1. Hatchet
    2. The River
    3. Brian’s Winter
    4. Brian’s Return
    5. Brian’s Hunt
    6. Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books

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