Dark Watch


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    Oregon has served its purpose and the crew has remained loyal to its cause since day one of their voyages. Juan and his crew have seen deadly destruction which they stopped just in time otherwise the world in which they currently live would have turned into dust. In the case of the Golden Buddha, the team showed its expertise in all the fields of investigation. All their missions in Golden Buddha and Sacred Stone have been linked to Western interests. For a change, they accept the contract from a different client this time.

    It is the Far East they are heading to for the next assignment as pirates are taking over the stuff of the ships which are found alone in the center of the ocean. The issue of the pirates is not new but pirates as a routine don’t mess with big ships. They usually loot the smaller ones because the targets are easy to cash and no harm comes in the way of the pirates.

    Dark Watch

    These pirates in Southeast Asia have changed their routine and they are going for the big ships this time. No one has any idea about this issue and when Juan and his team get into gear for investigation they are first of all scared to know the reality. The issue was not connected to the pirates alone rather the whole scheme was connected to a big international conspiracy in which Juan and his team lands.

    After landing into it the crew of Oregon cannot escape out of it, there is only one way out i.e blow up the enemy. Scott Brick has done the narration for this creation of Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. War is on from all sides in this episode and the mission ends after a deadly confrontation of both sides.

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