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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen – Hatchet book 1


Brian Robeson is 13 years old and comes from New York City, he is the only one who boarded a small plane that is on its way to Canada’s oil fields.This has happened to a lot of people and Brian is about to spend his summer with his father, and this is something he does not like because his parents just had a divorce. Brian does not have a lot of time to linger on his family’s unhappy situation. The pilot is the only person on the plane who suffers a heart attack and then dies.

Out of sheer luck, clear thinking and disbelief, Brian is able to land the plane on his own and escapes. Brian finds the hatchet his mother gave him still attached to his belt, that was given to him before boarding the plane. He then realizes that he needs food and shelter for him to survive until rescue arrives.


He finds berries, makes a shelter out of tree branches while in a cave, where he meets a bear. Coming from the narrative are his thoughts and memories about family, and the reason why his parents had a divorce – his mother had an affair with a man. As the days went on, a porcupine attacks Brian, learns the skill of making fire, how to convert a tree branch into a fishing spear, and eats a lot of yucky stuff.

While waiting for rescuers to see him, he misses a plane that flies overhead and Brian reacts out of frustration. He starts to scream, cry, and feel total misery. He is frustrated and devastated at the same time.

As time passes by, Brian discovers that he can do things to survive and has become tougher. He makes a bow and arrow, learns fishing, is able to hunt birds and rabbits, and improves the shelter he made. He gets attacked by a skunk, and then a moose. He eats raw turtle and then later needs to deal with a tornado.

You will know the rest of Brian’s adventure by listening to this audiobook…

List book in the series

  1. Hatchet
  2. The River
  3. Brian’s Winter
  4. Brian’s Return
  5. Brian’s Hunt
  6. Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books

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    46 thoughts on “Hatchet Audiobook”

    1. This book is really sad but this book bring brian out of the city boy and all though he missed the searching plane he felt ok with it and that he could live there for the rest of his life I hope you can make a second book about brian and this life you have an amazing mind to create something like this my mind is can’t find one thing to write about

    2. Oh my goodness what an amazing story. I cried at the end when the plane tilted its wing toward the lake. Thx for the free audiobook. So generous 🙂


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