No Time Like the Past


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    Jodi Taylor has been in her top game in creating “The Chronicles of St. Mary’s” where the time travel does not give a headache at all. Rather it is enjoyed as fun and the scenes on the most intense occasions are sometime comic and no killing or blood is witnessed.

    The team at St. Mary’s travel back and forth does some funny things and then on rare occasions there are some serious issues as well but the timeline luckily remains unaltered. Changing the past or altering the future has never been their goal they just want to see the truth in history about which they are curious. When a Child Is Born or A Symphony of Echoes are good examples of their curiosity that nearly took their life away from them. After the reconstruction of the St. Mary’s the first thing they look for is the 17th century “Ghost” the one thing that has been troubling them all especially Markham.

    No Time Like the Past

    One thing has remained the prime quality of the team i.e they have never left a confusing thing aside. The start to explore and search for answers whether they have to go to ancient Rom or seventeenth century London they just don’t care. Leap in time is your daily job if you are a member of the history department at St. Mary’s.

    Markham is the one who can hear the ghost this time and luckily the rest of the team believes and thus another episode starts with sensation and mystery. A great joy really the moment you listen to the voice of Zara Ramm, the narrator is just perfect for such an amazing material that appeals to you from the first line.

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