Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother’s Best Friend


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    The young girl has dreamed of many things in her life and she hasn’t got anything but she is not sad about this. She thinks that it is better to think of such fantasies all the time because they keep you energetic. However, there is one fantasy that she wants to make true and that is her love for her brother’s best friend. Heath Holiday is her brother’s best friend and she has been falling for him in her mind and heart for years.

    She wants to have him at any cost and it was because of this sole reason that she started working in his office. She wanted to get closer to him as much as possible and then on Christmas Eve, Heath came in his handsome suit and kissed the young woman. This made her dreams come true for a moment and she thought that the thing would be over with the night but that was not the case.

    Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother's Best Friend

    The man started coming to her house every now and then with gifts and then he finally presented himself to her. Though he was her brother’s best friend she thought that she can keep the affair a secret from her. Willa Nash writes in a spectacular way all the time.

    The books such as The Brawl and The Brazen depicted the true strength of the writer a long time ago. Ava Lucas and Aiden Snow have given this book more charm with the narration. The love story really gets interesting when the truth about this secret affair is brought to light. Heath shows the strength to finally admit his love in front of everyone.

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