The Upside Down Christmas


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Life has to be exact for us, as this is something that all of us wish for. The main problem is that we are not living in a utopia where things come true just when we wish for them. On many occasions, we get the exact opposite thing and that is the most painful part of all. Marlo wanted a few friends and the love of her family. It was a single incident that left her battered and since then she had been running away from her past. Her past is the thing that she must avoid at all costs if she wants to live a good life again.

Due to this reason, Marlo left Britain and got settled in Sydney. This place and the people living here were completely different so Marlo thought that she would be able to settle down very easily. The ghosts of the past still kept on coming back to her and she kept on closing her eyes all the time.

The Upside Down Christmas

This is something quite odd for her flatmate Alex. He thinks that Marlo is avoiding certain things without any reason. Alex wants her to be optimistic so that she can start enjoying Christmas once again. Kate Forster adds the Christmas scenes at this point in the story in order to bring back the festivity.

Starting Over at Acorn Cottage showed the audience how new things can make monumental changes in the life of a person. Rachel Tidd’s voice also makes us feel how changes occur in the personality of a person when he starts looking at life from a different angle. If you are a lover of romantic stories then don’t miss Finding Love at Mermaid Terrace which is superb in taste.


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