Fevers and Physicians in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. II)



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The compilation before us unfolds as a diverse anthology of stories, each encapsulating a unique perspective on affliction and the pursuit of remedies. As we venture into this literary landscape, we encounter a plethora of narratives that explore the myriad facets of disease, medicine, and the unending quest for solutions. With each tale, we traverse the intricacies of human suffering, resilience, and the inherent pursuit of well-being. Here, a glimpse into this compilation’s essence:

Fevers and Physicians in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. II)

I: “Pandemic” by Jesse F. Bone
A harrowing pandemic devastates the globe, shrouding it in turmoil and despair. Yet, a twist of irony emerges when the cure to this fictional malady bears a resemblance to the challenges posed by real-world pandemics.

II: “2BR02B” by Kurt Vonnegut
The longing for immortality, entwined with the desire for procreation, ushers in thought-provoking dilemmas. Echoes of consequences and choices linger within this tale of longevity and its ramifications.

III: “The Beautiful People” by Charles Beaumont
In a world enamored with beauty, a curious divergence emerges—a soul who questions the allure of conforming to societal norms. Within this exploration of aesthetics and identity, layers of complexity unravel.

IV: “Operation Distress” by Lester del Rey
Amidst the cosmos, a solitary figure grapples with illness while navigating the enigmatic expanses of space. The specter of global infection looms, with the conundrum of whether to return to Earth or safeguard humanity.

V: “Doctor” by Murray Leinster
In the realm of interstellar travel, a catastrophic plague necessitates an extreme solution: planetary segregation. Amid ethical quandaries and logistical intricacies, a somber strategy unfurls.

VI: “John’s Other Practice” by Winston K. Marks
A maverick physician seeks to revolutionize healthcare, eliciting suspicion and resistance from the establishment. The intersection of technology, innovation, and bureaucratic skepticism fuels this medical tale.

VII: “Bolden’s Pets” by F. L. Wallace
Afflicted with a curious ailment, a lone traveler receives an unexpected gift—the titular pets—offering an eerie twist on the concept of companionship.

VIII: “The Addicts” by William Morrison
A singular remedy holds the power to alleviate an all-consuming affliction. Yet, the choice to accept salvation remains an intricate dance of psychology, philosophy, and personal agency.

IX: “The Man Who Made the World” by Richard Matheson
An enigmatic patient prompts a nurse’s intrigue as she navigates the intricate layers of perception and reality. This narrative dances along the boundary of consciousness and imagination.

X: “Contagion” by Katherine Maclean
In the quest for extraterrestrial colonization, the specter of contagion emerges, intertwined with the challenges of alien landscapes and bodily limitations.

XI: “Breeder Reaction” by Winston K Marks
As medical science intersects with beauty ideals, the advent of a transformative beauty product bears unforeseen consequences, unearthing societal shallowness and manipulation.

XII: “The Disembodied Man” by Larry Maddock
A tantalizing prospect of evading mortality takes center stage. Amidst patient dedication and a mysterious voice, the intricate tapestry of life and death unfolds.

XIII: “Advanced Chemistry” by Jack G. Huekels
A promised remedy for death itself awakens echoes of experimentation and fate, with accidental revelations spiraling into unexpected directions.

XIV: “Bad Medicine” by Robert Sheckley
Within a tale entwining murder and psychosis, the boundaries of medical intervention and personal desire blur, ultimately culminating in catastrophe.

XV: “Homesick” by Lyn Venable
Humanity’s quest for cosmic exploration encounters an unexpected adversary: the pathogens and allergens thriving on alien worlds, exposing the fragile balance between exploration and survival.

XVI: “Heart” by Henry Slesar
In the face of ailment, a negotiation takes shape—one that traverses the realms of wealth, health, and the price of well-being.

XIX: “The Happy Unfortunate” by Robert Silverberg
A poignant exploration of a society that devalues individuality and physical differences, nudging one to embark on a journey beyond the confines of Earth.

Each narrative within this collection, summarized with keen insight by A. Gramour, offers a unique lens through which to contemplate the human experience—reflecting the intricate mosaic of our quest for health, understanding, and the perennial struggle against affliction.


Short Science Fiction Collection 078

O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921


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