One Trillion Dollars


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    Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire (let alone a trillionaire) with the chance to have everything you desire in life? There have been a lot of grass-to-grace stories. But this one is told in a unique and engrossing way.

    For centuries, an old family of asset managers and layers has been managing a fortune, until there was a change in the will on the benefactor. The entire wealth has been willed to John, the youngest member of the descendant.

    As a pizza delivery guy who was just trying to make ends meet, John Fontanelli never knew his story was about to change forever. Yes old money is good, and he has got them in excess now.  John can now dine with royalty and people of high class in the society. He could buy whatever he wants and hang out with whomever he chooses.

    One Trillion Dollars

    However, there has been a strong mystery to the line of lineage his wealth came from. He soon discovers that life is not all about glitz and glamour after receiving a phone call that is threatening the new found life he has so much enjoyed living.

    How can he handle the mystery before him?  He isn’t going to solve the problem with the money he now has. Not that he can’t, but money won’t help him save the world in this situation. This prophesy he has to fulfill is an unusual one that made him even consider reverting back to his former life.

    This book by Andreas Eschbach may be a tail of a guy being handed an unfathomed level of riches he never imagined. But there are so many twists to the story that makes it more intriguing.  It brings back the focus to rightful living and the whim to decide between good and bad, and then take the right decision.

    The author has made judicious use of reverse psychology to explain life with simple lexes and a unique approach to suspense.  It leads the reader all the way to question the real essence of existence and the different elements in life. It is educative as well.  Readers who love history, climate control, globalization, and even financial systems, may enjoy reading this piece.

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