Reign of Madness

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    First installment made the audience lure for the next part and luckily it comes in a flash after the master hit Free the Darkness. The warrior continues to travel further into the land that is completely alien for him.

    He makes some friends, good ones of course but they cannot help him in his quest about finding truth about himself. All he knows is that he is skilled in the craft of war and he can fight any evil there exists on the land. But why he has those powers is the most confusing question for him, the mind is disturbed and in this state he comes to know about the competition.

    A competition where warriors come together for a showdown not interested in the competition Rezkin still launches him into it. He knows that the warriors there can tell him something about his existence in the world. Striker Farson one of the participant in the King’s Tournament is said to be a wise person who can have some information about the lost order of which Rezkin was a part. The journey is on with still not much confrontation with the final enemy for which everyone is looking for since book one.

    Reign of Madness

    When everyone reaches the land they have certain revelations the first one of course the economic condition of the land which is reaching an alarming level of downfall. Kel Kade has left many main issues for the third part that is hopeful not the final one in these first two parts the main objective was the development of the characters.

    The plot has not opened up fully but the portion revealed up till now is neat and strong in all perspective.  Nick Podehl is handling skillfully and the narrator has always been careful about his work whether it is fictional stuff or other stories about journey in the foreign land.

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