The Body in the Library


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    Miss Marple is quite good at solving mysteries because she is an expert in the field. The past performance of this individual is ample to prove that she can handle any kind of case which is linked to a dead body. The Bantrys also call Marple to the task when they find a dead body in their library.

    The family had no connection with the woman who was found dead in their library. The woman was wearing her evening dress and her face had detailed makeup on it. It was apparent that she was going somewhere but it does not make any sense how she entered the library. The Bantrys family wanted Marple to solve the case as quickly as possible because the family’s name was at stake.

    The Body in the Library

    If the thing goes to the media then several questions would rise about the dignity of the family which it cannot afford to face. Marple soon discovers that this is not the only dead body that has been found in the city. There is news of another dead body that has been found not far from this location.

    It seems that the two dead bodies are connected somehow but this does not provide any lead against the murderer. Author Agatha Christie and narrator Stephanie Cole have worked on the same book on a number of occasions. So there is perfection in both fields in this novel and it takes the story to the height which was touched by And Then There Were None and Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories. This is a complete action-packed thriller that keeps the audience on its toes till the conclusion of the story in the last part.

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