How to Find a Princess


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    Makeda was never the kind of girl who was proved to be the lucky one because she never got her share of luck in her life. At every instant, the girl was dragged down and success was something that was never allotted to her. For some time she tried to go against the odds but after getting a nice girlfriend she got satisfied with her life. Makeda was feeling happy in the presence of her girlfriend but when the girl left Makeda alone in life, it was a disappointing spectacle.

    Makeda thought of leaving everything but her fortune provided her away on this occasion. Her grandmother had a connection with the prince of Ibarania in the past and now the high officials of that country were looking for the heir of the prince. Beznaria was the one who was sent to investigate the matter and she found Makeda within no time.

    How to Find a Princess

    Makeda and Bez were attracted to each other within no time but they had other things to worry about like the crown in particular. Alyssa Cole once again puts duty in front of love and then the two ladies just put the duties aside or we can say they kick those duties out of the way.

    Karen Chilton was not there in When No One Is Watching so the fans missed the voice in the narration section. Karen is the one who has narrated A Duke by Default as well so the listeners have a special relationship with this narrator. This is one of the most appealing ones of all that the author has written before this one thus a second thought is not needed at all.

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