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    Amazing to see how little nomes try hard for their survival, when their first home was destroyed they were losing hope but then the savior emerged. Masklin found a new home for the nomes in Truckers then in Diggers it also came under threat when the humans started to reopen the quarry. Now they want to find a real home for themselves where they don’t have to hide under the earth, where they can live outside in the open. Masklin comes to know about a launch that can take them to their real home and for this he has to go to Florida.

    The problem is that he does not know what Florida is but he is ready to load himself into the winged truck i.e an airplane. He never travelled by air before but there is always a first time for everything. After reaching the destination the nome plans to get some space into the communication satellite that can take him and others like him home.


    There would be no humans there in outer space and the nomes would spend the rest of their lives in complete peace. The nomes are finally going to their real home now and the role of Masklin is symbolic too for the kids, it tells us how a single individual can turn the whole thing for his nation.

    Stephen Briggs has throughout given Masklin the voice of a leader and such characters are found in almost all of Terry Pratchett’s books that save their clan in the time of danger. Finish was sublime especially because it was not full of war or other thing like that sort.


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