Changing Faces


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Fiction that will make you crazy is banded here by Sarah Lin, the story starts with the portraying of Bloodwraith who is one of a kind villain in the world where he lives. As a villain of high status he has the undead minions on his back and command, no doubt giving orders of destruction is the everyday fun for Bloodwraith. Sudden act of changing bodies with an adventurer changes Bloodwraith’s whole life forever. He was forced to change bodies because he was dying and in his last breath he had the chance to shift into another body.

With this body he gets a new realization his world has been used as a game by the aliens for a very long time and people like him are just characters that dance on the direction chalked by the aliens. But now he in the body of an adventurer can look deeper into things, before that he has to get full control of his body that has been behaving in a unique way.

Changing Faces

Strange visions are the first thing that starts disturbing him at nights and then there is no one to serve him now, the minions are out of stock for him. Mixing with other people is not something he is quite used to and then he has to investigate the game for a way out. It’s tough because the aliens are watching all the time and they permit no change except the one brought by their own finger tips.

Better fantasy than Street Cultivation and Street Cultivation 2  not because it is narrated by the awesome Bryan G. Lamb but because the story is not quite predictable.

We have no idea what will happen next and would Bloodwraith be able to free the world from aliens or not.  But, we can expect the best!


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    1. Litrpg is my absolute favourite writing style. When will this next one be out? Is there any more Litrpg books to come in the future?


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