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James L. Nelson’s painting of the Vikings really is a standalone work that is garnished by Shaun Grindell’s voice in narration. Vikings have always been known for their harsh nature and fighting spirit because they care for nothing except for land and pride. When they invade a land it means that the native people have only one place to go i.e in their graves. They show no mercy to the citizens and there is no stopping at all against the storm of persecution.

The Norsemen saga is also associated with such tales but the start is concrete and we can assume that the end would be gigantic. The long ships of the Vikings appear in the sea when the series opens and we know that the Vikings are ready to lay their fangs on another land. The Vikings have captured all the area around their rule and now it’s time they claim the most important prize i.e the crown.

Though the crown means nothing without the power of the army and the control of the land but still it can give one the much needed honor that is attached or associated to it. The crown belonged to the people of Ireland and though it appeared to be just a crown but the people of Ireland too seemed to be emotionally attached to it as if it were a relic.

Fin Gall

The fight thus starts everywhere at once; Thorgrim too comes and join the battle because it is a matter of honor. Better described as compared to Kings and Pawns and Dubh-Linn the story is a must read item if someone is interested in history and the fights the confirm the bravery and honor of the high king. The story still does not open up the main motives of the writer, there are some hidden issues mixed within the story but nothing is crystal clear.


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