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A Trilogy about the nomes is just unbelievable, only Terry Pratchett could have selected such a title because he has made a name for himself in children stories such as this. And whenever the author creates a story of the strange people the fans listen to it in the voice of Stephen Briggs. Nomes in the story are the creatures that have not seen the outside world ever and for them night and day have no meaning at all. All of them live under the floor of a big store and this nice cozy spot is like heaven to them.

None of them ever imagined that their house would be snatched from them and they would be left stranded and homeless in the world they dare not go. But the departmental store is going down and its demolishing will make the nomes homeless for sure. The floorboards would not be there to cover their houses, thus before such day of judgment approaches they select one brave who would go to the outside world and find a new home for the rest of the clan. Masklin the chosen one comes to the top of the floorboards and sees what his ancestors used to call the Outside.

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Terry talked about small creatures in Wintersmith and The Wee Free Men but they had magical powers in them, thus these nomes are far most the most inferior creatures the author ever dealt with. Moreover they are cowards, only one of them had the courage to come out of the hiding and he too is trying to find another hideout for the rest that’s all.


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