The Wee Free Men

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Terry Pratchett since the launching of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents has dropped the intensity of the series and the stories are more for the kids now. First we were told about the rats that were roaming the city and then we were introduced with a talking cat all of a sudden.

Now it is Tiffany Aching who finds herself among the Wee Free Men who are not taller than six inch. Tiffany came to this Fairy land in search of her brother and she has formed an alliance with the green Chalk country.

She wants to save them but the problem is that she only has a frying pan in her hands and nothing else. Landscape of this amazing land becomes really terrifying when Tiffany along with her team starts a march against the Queen. The queen sends the grimhounds that can rip the whole of the Chalk locals apart in no time. Luckily Tiffany too grows in power and faces everything bravely.

There is also another quality that the young girl has i.e her wits that prove quite important in a world that appears to be mindless on most occasions. When Stephen Briggs narrates the final war it reminds us about Men at Arms only this time the last fight takes place between two ladies i.e the Queen of elves and Tiffany.

Though there is war and fights on several occasions but not a lot of bloodshed that could scare the kids away from the tale. When the Discworld saga started surely no one expected such tales to be a part of the series but now they have becomes a part and are liked equally by the fans.



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