Stillness Is the Key



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    Stillness Is the Key is a motivational & inspirational book targeted for self-development of its audience. It is written by Ryan Holiday in the way a motivational book should be written. Ryan Holiday himself has done the narration of this book and his voice has played a pivotal role in making this motivational book a success.

    Stillness Is the Key

    The writer beautifully explained that all the top leaders, athletes, artists, thinkers and visionaries have one incredible quality, which is to conquer their temper. This is needed big time for avoiding any distraction and to find out some great insights. The author call stillness to the act of getting happiness and in doing the right thing and also to be firm and steady, while the world revolves all around you.

    Stillness Is the Key

    All that above is what the author relates with the ancient wisdom and for his audience, he has given a successful path to attain this ancient glory. He referenced many great thinkers from the past, such as Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, John Stuart Mill, Seneca and Nietzsche to prove his point.

    The author also looked deep into the prominent personalities who actually exemplified the significance of stillness. Especially, Sadaharu Oh, the famous baseball player, who became one of the finest home run hitter after he studied Zen.

    Ryan Holiday is known for producing extremely meaningful motivational and inspirational books. His writing is very though provoking, which all of us could relate in one way or the other. A couple of his other such books are Ego is the Enemy and The Obstacle Is the Way. Once again, the author himself has done the narration of these recommended books as well.


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