Pet Sematary


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    The master of Sci-fiction presents another one of his masterpieces in a tremendous style. This one, however, is a horror story and it’s good to see that Stephen King is now giving his works a new dimension. The story starts like a routine story related to a middle-class family that shifts to a new town of Ludlow and thinks that the things would slowly become better for them and for their good luck everything seem to run in their favor but there is one big issue the Creed family lives near a graveyard where the locals bury their pets.

    Pet Sematary

    There is another sinister power that lives behind this graveyard and it also attracts the people and the temptations are always so powerful that the one who is tempted cannot resist in any way. The biggest problem that the town faces is that no one can work or plot against this destructive evil that lures people into its seductive trap. Dr. Louis attempts to tamper with these forces and unleashes an unspeakable evil upon him, his family and the local masses. The scenes are truly horrifying and the world of spirits makes us remember stories like The Outsider, The Stand in which the writer has successfully told us about creatures that live among the human but are not human at all.

    Pet Sematary

    The narration by Michael C. Hall is really out of this world as the narration provides the horrifying and spooky touch to this story that was much needed. The story is also a nice attempt by Stephen King who is new in the field of horror but it is a well-tailored story in all aspects.


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    4 thoughts on “Pet Sematary”

    1. This is a fantastic rendition . Michael Hall is great terrific
      Thank you Stephen King , I am a mi’kmaq Indian and we love your stories.. here in New Brunswick, not too far away .

      • Curious about your heritage and about the mi’kmaq tribe I have cherokee roots and hadn’t ever heard of that nation, any truth in the story about the legend? Also a huge stephen king fan his stories have helped me through some rough times for sure.

        • Thetr id somr truth to it yes . Miqmaks are a very spiritual tribe. We live among the northern New Brunswick and United States


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