Wrath of the Reaper


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    Wrath of the Reaper is the sixth book in The Last Reaper novel series. It is a product of J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon. The collaboration of these two science fiction writers has given us so many top novels where one of them is Hunt of the Reaper. Another good one from the same The Last Reaper series is Fear the Reaper.

    The narration of Wrath of the Reaper is done by Tom Taylorson. He is getting better and better in the series and this performance so far is his best.

    When Halek and his team started their search for their new home then the evacuation fleets came up against their ancient enemies. All of that happened when an imprisoned scientist came up with a deadly experiment. The ships of the Lon scout were drawing the fleet into a snare.

    That was the time when two of the disparate civilizations must look to work along for moving a huge, broken-down fleet into an entirely new system. All this had to be done while coping with many of the external threats as well as a few internal crises. Dr. Ayers attempted to resuscitate an alien race through the splicing of DNA. But, he ended up with the production of unstoppable creatures with immensely strong powers.

    Wrath of the Reaper

    There will be no choice for the last Reaper and his people but to battle against their new enemy. They had to protect the fleet and also find a home for all of the displaced survivors in that situation.

    The listeners will enjoy excellent space battles, engaging characters, and superb space drama in Wrath of the Reaper.

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