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    One more step to the war zone and you move closer to the climax of the series that is now starting to make it visible. Will Wight has really tested the patience of the listeners this time as the writer is still not making the ending very clear. There are doubts and uncertainties which mean that the story could turn either way. Ghostwater is the self created world of the Northstrider where Lindon goes to this time again because the tribe who is living there has a valuable possession.


    All of his previous expeditions too led her towards trophies but those were magical in nature, this time however it is science which was not discussed in Black flame or  Sky sworn. The parts were always talking about magic and the use of swords, but now it science and not theoretical but practical one full of experiments. Though the Ghostwater had a lot of knowledge but still the Bleeding Phoenix destroys every inch of this empire and tries to eradicate each fragment of knowledge that they possessed. Lindon still believes that there is something more to this town and somewhere still there is a locked mystery that can provide a solution to everything.

    It’s all about hopes and expectations this time because almost all the characters give a weary look because of the exhausted struggle in which they have toiled for such long. Travis Baldree has added a thing or two in the narration to break the routine element and it is good to see that the narrator is trying for something different. The book has also given a different phase to the series and it is for sure that there would be more than just one part after this.

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