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    Travis Baldree narrates another part of Will Wight’s epic series that seems to be never ending saga. The fantasy does not allow any rest for any of the member who is connected to it. The troubles are never over as long as you are in the cradle. Especially Lindon has learned this right from the core of his heart over the years as he has been fighting not enemies but disasters bringing havoc all around.

    The duel is still pending but Lindon has other worries as well, he is locked up in prison and there appears to be no way out of this dungeon. He is one of the Blackflame now as he was successful in learning the ancient art in the previous chapter Black flame that’s why he is too dangerous for the other people. The Skysworn will release him on the appointed day only to face Jai Long. There are other worries as well; we see the book loaded with sub plots this time which go along the main plot quite well without confusing the new readers.


    While Lindon is in prison there is a talk about the Dreadgods outside that can end the whole empire in seconds. Though Lindon wants to fight on their side still the Skysworn does not let him free towards the climax however when the things go out of hand he is summoned and is forced to join the protectors.


    The battle appears to be gaining magnitude and we can clearly see the Will Wight will have to give this epic a good final ending quite soon. The story and the war in it have really started to check the nerves of the listeners.

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