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    Nature has to aspects one is constructive and the second is destructive, on one side things like wind and water give life but they have the tendency to take it as well. Terry Pratchett reveals these two aspects in his latest book about a young lad named Mau. Mau was living a peaceful life on the island with the rest of the village but one day a huge way struck the island with all its might. Not only the village but the people too were lost in just a single wink leaving Mau as the only one alive on the island.

    For a teenager life in such a lonely condition was not possible and then he sees the second aspect of nature when he meets Daphne. The girl too landed on the island because of the wave as her ship got wrecked and all the passengers in it were taken away by the wave. The girl happens to be from a different part of the world and fate unites these two in the most extraordinary way.


    Not love but need bring the two together because they cannot survive on their own and then the rest of the survivors start coming to the island in a terrible state. Everyone coming to the shore has lost someone dear and now they need food and shelter. Mau and Daphne help everyone and during the search for food they come to know of the secret that change their life forever.

    These stories for children are narrated by Stephen Briggs most of the time because the man has an awesome and appealing voice that can keep you glued with the book for hours. Wintersmith and The Wee Free Men are fine examples of what the writer and narrator have created together in the past.

    Stories are for the kids all the time when these two combine, but these stories are not childish rather they provide the listener a chance to ponder on the situation.


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