Collateral Damage Audiobook


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    Collateral Damage

    Another in the series by Tim Marquitz is a must read if you possess a liking for the previous seven in the series. The story is also excellently narrated by Noah Michael Levine. The change in life can be clearly understood by the change in the tone of Frank. The writer has brilliantly changed the course of the story from domestic to destructive.

    No doubt when we meet our hero at the start of the story he is not like the person whom we used to see in the previous parts. He is bound with the domestic duties like the babysitting. But all of a sudden the man we search for appears from within when Frank’s family faces a threat and he has nothing to lose at this critical stage of his life. His wife Karra and all the people he knows or is around him are under threat of total destruction. Also, the connection of the present with the past haunts him continuously which gives everyone a clue of his capabilities as well. The hero’s readiness to confront all dangers and destruction manfully really bring courage in the listener or the reader as well. Throughout the story, Frank is tensed but not afraid, tired but not defeated at any rate.  

    Collateral Damage Audiobook

    The writer has very beautifully brought to light our will to survive as a human being and also deep love for the family the makes us achieve the impossible. The story is an excellent thriller except for the few pages in the start that are related to Frank’s boring domestic life with the routine works and usual tasks like a change of the baby diapers.

    For more stories from the Author, you can listen to the Armageddon Bound, Resurrection and Beyond the Veil that brings in deeper insight into the different aspects of life.

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