The Green Count



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The pair of Christian Cameron (as writer) and Peter Noble (as narrator) produced an appealing effect when they presented the previous series about Greece and Persian armies. The two understand each other quite well and the creation penetrates in the mind of the listener so dense that he is bound to listen to the next part. This is a new series and we observe some of the old themes that we observed in Killer of Men and Marathon blend into it along with some new one in a nice way.

Author introduces new places with new trends and rules making us delve into different cultures in order to understand his work. Sir William Gold wanted a sound relation with Emile in this part that was not possible in Alexandria thus he moves towards Jerusalem that he feels is rather friendly. There instead of finding a quite niche in life he gets into a web from which there seems to be no way out at all.

The Green Count

The Roman Emperor’s life is under threat and the Green Count is trying everything to save his life and crown. William the one who expected the support of the Green Count finds himself in a terrible situation when he comes to know that his relation with Emile had far more consequences than he thought.

It becomes the matter of life and death for Sir William who thinks that he has shifted himself to a much bigger hell than he was previously in. Not physical fights are there in this series but still conspiracies are on the rise all the time on all levels in the court and in the state.


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