The Girl with No Name


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    Detective Josie fights crime and personal issues at the same time; it is amazing to see a woman in such stress still working perfectly. Her mind and soul are wounded by the scars of the past which she has to carry for the rest of her life. Lisa Regan has intentionally given these scars to her main character so that she can understand the problems of other people with her heart involved. An infant is abducted from the house in the new case which is assigned to Josie.

    When she comes to the crime scene she firstly looks at the mother of the child who is badly injured and cannot speak a word. If the mother dies during her critical condition there would be no one left to recognize the criminal. But then Josie is told that there is also another witness present in the house i.e a woman who is so scared that she cannot tell her name even.

    The Girl with No Name

    The woman has no memory of the incident or perhaps she is too scared to tell the whole crime scene. Some time is given to that woman and then Josie starts investigating the house during which she finds a letter that ties the whole scene and characters present in it. The worried voice given to the character by Eilidh Beaton portrays the mental condition of Josie. Like Breathe Your Last and Find Her Alive: A Gripping Crime Thriller Packed with Mystery and Suspense more murders are expected all around the town if the killer is not caught. Also, the life of the child is in extreme danger because the criminal has not abducted the child for the sake of some money rather it is a personal grudge that made him do it.

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