The Sea Peoples


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    This is the fourteenth book in the series by S.M. Stirling and up till now, the book has not lost its charm even to a minor fragment. The writer has remained successful in binding the characters and the events of the series together. And even though at the start some parts appeared to be different or separated from the rest has now become a part of it. As they are from one way or the other are linked to the mainstream.

    The parts like The Desert and the Blade and Prince of Outcasts were not even of the same place and characters but still bound together brilliantly. The prince is no more in the mortal realm as his spirit wander here and there; the spirit of Prince John is trapped by the Yellow Raja. Captain Pip and the band must go to the realms of shadow in order to free the prince as he is facing something that is perhaps worse than death. The trapped spirit cannot rest in peace until it is set free.

    The Sea Peoples

    The band has magicians and skilled warriors that always get the job done. The kingdom of Hawaii is reborn. And with its birth, the mortal realm is also under threat of war.

    Because of which Reiko and Orlaith once again join their forces and make themselves ready for the game on which the fate of the whole world will depend on in the near future.

    The horrors of war are once again there threatening the kingdom of Montival. Todd McLaren narrates in high passion as the series moves towards the final chapter and the epic ending of this wonderful tale.

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