Ship of Magic


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    With Ship of Magic; The Liveship Trader starts a new series with the title of Liveship Traders. The book is chapter 4 of the longer series having the title as Realms of the Elderlings. It is a science fiction fantasy and written by one of the finest American authors of fiction named Robin Hobb. She has a diverse collection of fictional novels where the highly recommended novels written by him are The Assassin’s Quest and Dragon Keeper.

    Anne Flosnik gets an opportunity this time to narrate this chapter. Anne overall is an experienced narrator but struggled this time to produce her best performance. Probably, this was not the kind of novel where Anne Flosnik could excel.

    Ship of Magic

    The subject novel is set in a place that borders the Six Duchies. The author here begins a new short series with her fascinating epic of magic, talking ships, pirates, slave revolts, sea serpents, bloody battles, and dashing heroes.

    A sentient wood, Wizardwood is known as the most priceless commodity in the world. Just like several other legendry wares, Wizardwood can come only from the Rain River Wilds. But, how is it possible for someone to do business with the Rain Wilders especially in the case when only a liveship could negotiate the hazardous waters of the Rain River? A liveship could only quicken when at least 3 people from successive generations have died on it. The liveship is just near to its quickening as the father of Althea is taken to the ship n his death-throes.

    Hobb is a fantastic fantasy writer and she knows the art of creating sensational tales by giving due importance to its plot and the characters. This subject novel is no different in this regard.

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