The Undead Pool


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    Kim Harrison, the Number One best-selling author in New York Times is back again with another supernatural type of adventure. The Undead Pool is the penultimate novel in the Hollows novel series. The audio version of this novel comes with the voice of Marguerite Gavin, whose performance here is quite outstanding.

    Kim Harrison is hands down one of the finest writers of his time. The Good, the Bad and the Undead and Dead Witch Walking are other paranormal fantasies that distinguishes author among his contemporaries.

    The Undead Pool tells a story about Rachel Morgan who is not only a witch but a day-walking demon as well. She knows magic including the forbidden demon magic as well. This was the knowledge that has played a role in saving here own life on more than one occasions. But now someone or at least something is definitely attacking the Hollows and the Cincinnati, and eventually resulting in spells to backfire. This was all happening while the vampires were causing harm to Inderlanders and humans alike.

    The Undead Pool

    The pressure got much stronger when the city was quarantined for the sake of containing the unreliable magic. Rachel Morgan in this situation must look to stop all the attacks and much before the undead masters of vampire are lost and it leads to a complete supernatural war.

    Ancient elven magic is the only way out here, but comes with its own set of perils. Magic always has to pay its price and the gods definitely doesn’t come lightly whenever called.

    It is a great read, which especially becomes special with Trent and Rachel being together. Nute is also someone making a good impact on the storyline.

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