Golden Son


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    Darrow continues to emerge in the society as he battles for the fallen group in order to provide them a place in the new world after all those years of hardships. For the fulfillment of his mission that he started in the first part Red Rising he has now changed his caste but not his goal. Though he has become a permanent member of the Gold class from the inside Darrow continues to struggle for his people.

    Golden Son

    This time however we find in him a new man emerging who is ready to destroy others as well if he fails to achieve his goal. First he tried to provide the Red class the lifestyle and luxuries which the surface people were enjoying for decades but he failed in a big way.

    This time he is with a changed motive, he wants to destroy the Gold class from within by becoming a part of them. He now knows their weaknesses and strengths. The basic hunger that the Gold class has is the hunger for power and superiority.

    Golden Son

    They can conspire against their rivals and can kill them if they had to. Thus it’s a civil war that can be felt in the air and it would surely result in ashes for the surface world of the aristocrats. Pierce Brown paves way for the third part of the saga quite nicely which is Morning Star.

    Tim Gerard Reynolds continues to impress all with the voice which has striking variations in it. We can enjoy the characters fully as they are dealt with different tones and even the utterance of words possesses a separate style for each and every character.

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