Absolution Gap


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Never ending series comes to the fourth part where the battle for survival is on as one problem after the other hit the scene leaving no space for a way out except one. Whether the heroes try to move away from the war or not they only have one way out i.e fight. If you want to make your presence count than fighting is the only option or solution you are left with. We witnessed this in Revelation Space and Chasm City and here we are again confronting one of a kind sensation portrayed by Alastair Reynolds and narrated by John Lee.

John Lee at this spot can be considered as the best for the book because he knows the series and has developed an association with it. None was allowed to cross a certain limit of intelligence by the technology as everything was designed in such a pattern.

Absolution Gap

The humans have become a target for years now and Clavain hand the other members of his team have found shelter in a special place designed in such a way that they cannot be detected by anyone. But resources are getting low and sooner or later they had to come out of the hiding for the final fight that will decide their fate once and for all. Luckily they have an angel who reaches just in time in order to save the humanity from going extinct.

The angel possesses the power to confront the evil that has fallen on humanity and it could also be possible that he had approached the troop to bring it out of the hidings for the final slaughtering.


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