Red Storm Rising



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    Tom Clancy depicts the story of a global war that starts after a militant attack on the Russian oil depot. Suspicion goes directly to the Muslim world and there is no second opinion about it in the whole Soviet Union. Without investigation or any pondering on the matter, the NATO forces start to prepare themselves for an attack on the Muslim forces.

    Army gets into the first gear and soon the forces start to move towards the enemy. The opponents on the other hand were never ready for such an attack and that too in such quick succession. So they are brought to the terrible situation of war without a warning.

    Red Storm Rising

    Still, both sides meet each other on the battlefield in their full strength and the battle starts that not only rocks the whole world but it also affects the world’s oil supplies. Reminding us about The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games at different places the author paints the upcoming picture of the real world according to his calculations. Tom Clancy uses a clear tone and straight forward words instead of using a hidden pattern. The author brings out the real fears in the minds of people all around the globe.

    Oil reservoirs everywhere in the world constantly remain under a threat these days as more and more militant groups try to gain power in different states. Michael Prichard knew from the start exactly what he was narrating; he narrates both groups in full aggression to portray their true feeling of hatred for one another. The ending does not end the war completely and we are sure that there would be more such events in the future.

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    1 thought on “Red Storm Rising”

    1. Tm Clancy has done it again! A work of fiction that could so easily be the reporting of a multi-facited war novel. He even manages to introduce the inevitable love interest in a believable way, no hearts and flowers, just the reaction of a decent man and his companions faced with a crime all to common in daily life, let alone in the pressures of a war.As with all good novels, the fast pace of the story does not detract from the moral lessons the author seeks to teach. I will refrain from highlighting them here, but leave it to individual readers to look for the lessons Mr Clancy and his co-author have skillfully inserted into the storyline.Prior to retiring on medical grounds I ran my own Security company and consultancy, my job was to think the unthinkable, and plan to negate the possible impact, This is a task the authors and I share as similar result, although my audience was limited to my client, Mr Clancy’s work was the favorite reading of at least 2 men referred to as POTUS in security circles. If men such as these take note of the book we have just listened to, surely, we, the public should think a little of how such a scenario could be avoided. One way would simply be to encourage our politicians to communicate with those who oppose us. To quote one of the worlds greatest war leaders and statesmen “Jaw,Jaw is better than War,War! A short sentence, but possibly the greatest legacy a man can leave the world.


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