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    Hero to some, villain to many, Esrahaddon’s truth lies buried. This divisive figure reportedly destroyed an empire, yet some believe he saved it. Before age eight, he endured exile, persecution by a goblin priestess, and a death sentence from a god. How this child survived and inspired centuries of fear remained a mystery…until now.

    Michael J. Sullivan’s Esrahaddon completes the Rise and Fall trilogy, nestled between the Legends of the First Empire and Riyria sagas. Sullivan stays true to form with an unlikely hero awakened by history’s call.

    In the 19th novel since starting his sprawling epic in 2008, Sullivan unravels the enigma of Esrahaddon across four interconnected series. Myth and reality collide as readers explore how legacies are shaped. Does the judgment of history define a life, or can redemption be found by reexamining the past? Experience the culminating chapter of Esrahaddon’s early exploits and the forces that forged a name accursed through the ages.

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