Black Powder War

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Just when you think that you are finally going to listen to the final part of the Temeraire series Naomi Novik gives another twist to the whole story. The story moves to the Ottoman Empire this time and this is something that is intentional by the writer.

Naomi wants us to visit each part of the world that took part in the world Napoleonic war so that we can feel some originality in the novels. After accomplishing the desired task in China Will Laurence gets another order from the British high commission.

Another order for him means another mission as the order contains a message about the dragon eggs. Not one or two but three dragon eggs are purchased this time from the Ottoman Empire and it’s up to Laurence and his faithful dragon to bring them home. A tough job for the pair as such eggs are hunted by the enemies on a massive scale and the job must be completed before the hatching of the eggs.

There is urgency in the air and tension as well. The dragons if gone in the enemy hands can once again turn the war in enemy’s favor. It’s up to Temeraire and Will to accomplish the task in time. More to their worry the Chinese dragon is on their tale now that lost its master in Throne of Jade  now it wants revenge.

The race against time situation was an uphill task for Simon Vance this time but he has not let the series down at any place or in any part. The aggression in every part is increasing and we are expecting a bigger war soon perhaps in the finale.



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