Gone (Gone #1)


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    A totally new thing if you read it at the first glance as branding it is the toughest thing to do. It is science fiction or magic we cannot comprehend as we too like the teens who are left don’t know the cause of the gigantic happening that changed the face of the whole world after eating the whole of mankind except the teens who are not mature enough to handle things on their own.

    The adults’ disappearance doesn’t look much devastating at first but when you look at it from a different angle in which the eradication of the adults also mean the eradication of the whole ruling and responsible society of the human race. Michael Grant has described each and every social corruption in great detail so that we can create a clear picture in our mind that what sort of society he wants to show.

    Gone (Gone #1)

    The story even hints to animal mutation as well which means that there is something more than magic that is going on it’s a sort of plague that is plaguing the whole planet. Bulling finally rises to its peak and there are new powers emerging on the scene and every teenage boy or girl has to select a side otherwise he or she would perish in the battle for domination.

    There is yet another evil and that is the evil of death that approaches them at the age of fifteen thus this book has total chaos brilliantly described in words and it has given a new dimension to the teenage world a world where the teenagers take the place of their elders without becoming adults. Kyle McCarley’s narration was a bit tough at the start to understand but this was because there was a lot going on in the initial stages of the book but toward the middle, the narration is fine and absorbing.

    Darkness Rising Series (1-3) – Kelley Armstrong, Feathers and Fire Series (1-3) – Shayne Silvers and Hope Street Church ~ Books 1-5 – Ellery Adams are some of the other great books to nourish your exploring mind and enjoy the thrilling events in them.

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