House of Earth and Blood


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    Demon with blood lust enters Crescent City and as its first meal it eats up Bryce Quinlan’s best friends. The case creates a sensation in the town and the police are soon up to it in a flash. Suspects are investigated and the one behind the whole crime is in a quick time put behind the bars. For the people of the town the case is solved but not for Bryce who knows that the man behind the bars is not the criminal at all. She launches an investigation which could probably lead her to her grave as well.

    Sarah J. Maas at this point shifts the story to the second primary character of the novel i.e Hunt Athalar. Athalar was once an angel but that status has been snatched from him because of his single corrupt deed. Now he is given another chance to gain freedom from the hellish life he is currently spending. For freedom, the fallen angel has to help Bryce in avenging his friends. So he offers the girl his company and help which are readily accepted.

    House of Earth and Blood

    Together the two start searching for the demon and come face to face with a deadly being that is more powerful than any other creature of hell. Elizabeth Evans knew from the start about the developing love between the two characters that’s why the narrator puts soft words in the mouth of Athalar and Bryce. The author has written The Assassin’s Blade and A Court of Thorns and Roses with full devotion too, after this book it would be nice to give some time to those books as well. Fans of love stories will get little to enjoy in these other books but this book has plenty of love igniting scenes in it.

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