The Fragment of Fire


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The fragment that catches the sight of the fans here brings the heat to the game; it is none other than the fragment of Fire. Other three fragments were introduced in better circumstances but now the war has almost started, in The Fragment of Water and The Fragment of Light situation was never that much terrible. Here the two fronts on which the fragments are fighting have turned into a battle ground. There is news about the rise of the tower that was there at the Dawn of Magic so its rise is not good news.

Then there is one known as Serak who has been adding to his war power since the first episode but no one knows the true purpose behind all of this. Serak wants Draeken on his side but because of the mysteriousness of the man Draeken has failed to decide on the proposal. Fragment of Fire is neither innocent like the Light nor it is cunning like the Shadow it has the fire to fight and the only solution to all problems according to him his war. Ben Hale lets the character of Fire run free as a lawless entity to show the nature of the fragment in its true shape.

The Fragment of Fire



Along with these problems arises another one and as it is said the biggest problem is always the one that springs from within. Somewhere inside the fragments a force emerges that bends towards the allurement of Serak. That bait for the power is finally taken by the fragments and there is nothing Draekan can do about it. Derek Perkins is nicely shifting tones according to the nature of the fragments and one can only hope that the narrator would be able to handle all in the final chapter.


The Fragment of Shadow



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