Memory’s Legion


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    Memory’s Legion is a collection of the entire The Expanse novel series. It is written by James S. A. Corey. This authors’ duo did a fantastic job with the writing of this series, which also won the Hugo Award. You will find its Leviathan Wakes novel to be the best one in the series. Caliban’s War is another incredible title from these two fantastic authors.

    The audio narration of Memory’s Legion novel is done by Jefferson Mays, Ty Frank, and Daniel Abraham. Everything was great about this performance.

    A total of 8 science fiction short stories can be enjoyed in this collection which will keep you entertained for more than16 hours in total.

    This is the very first time that you will find all of the short fiction stories of the Expanse in this collection. It became the bestseller in the New York Times and there is every reason that you should look to go with this collection. It is a recommended series even if you are not a big fan of science fiction. This is the kind of series that can make you an overnight fan of science fiction. Moreover, this collection comes with a brand new novella as well and that would serve as icing on the cake. You will love everything about it.

    Memory's Legion

    Finally, you will see the loose end of the story getting tied up in this concluding novel of the series. You can never ask for any better conclusion to the story than this. Not to forget the contributions of the narrators who made this book such a pleasant experience. Jefferson Mays stood out with his amazing performance in the final chapter and deserves a special mention here.

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