The Scarlet Thread


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    Francine Rivers always allows the characters in the novels, suffer before they become pure and get the peace they have always been looking for. There are two women in the novel, one is the main character around which the story revolves and the other woman exists on the pages of the journal but she has a strong impact on the story. Sierra was having a miserable time in her life because of her husband.

    For the woman life was nothing more than a mere tragedy and then she found the handcrafted quilt and a journal of an ancestor named Mary Kathryn. Mary was just a young girl when she was forced to leave her native town and as she started travelling away from her home, her life started to become tougher.

    The Scarlet Thread

    There was no support from anyone on which she could rely. In a new town with new trends, there was a lot which Mary had to bear but she adjusted well with everything and all this time she had faith in God. Thus she demanded nothing from anyone else and this made her successful in the end.

    Sierra after reading all of this, decided to change her life accordingly and brought change in her life. Angela Rogers and Alma Cuervo give a forceful energy to Sierra as she emerges as a new woman in the later stage. Pick Redeeming Love or The Lady’s Mine when you are done with this one. All of these books are real classics and though most of the stories are about women but the men can also gain a lot from all these books.

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