Dead Souls


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    Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Series, Book 6

    Angela Marsons writes this sixth novel in a new way by splitting Kim Stone from her team when the team is also caught in certain hate crimes, thus she has to work alone not only to solve the case but also to save the team that is now like a big family for her and perhaps the only people she is left with in her tragic life. She is presented with a coworker but this one she hates the most, Travis is like her archenemy and that’s why he proves to be the most hateful personal she could get as a help.

    Dead Souls

    The plot is well made and the story is described so completely that it attracts you and then it makes you delve in the novel much deeper than you can imagine. The crime scene is an old dug out grave that contains bones of people who are shot and caught in animal traps as well, this means that crime is not current and thus finding the culprit is the most tough thing to do as there are no evidences or clues all you make are lucky guesses and the guesses even if they lead you to the culprits cannot provide you the just right to arrest them as you lack the evidence.

    Kim quite wisely explores the past of the families who owe the farm and the land where the dead bodies are found and reaches close to the final solution of the whole case when she finds her team hanging in balance and she can complete only one job in the given time. Jan Cramer also has put an extra effort in narration to portray the characters that are emotionally charged and also there was an element of fear and confusion that is greatly portrayed by her voice. After Blood Lines and Play Dead this is a great follow up novel and the series still continues in high passion and never destroys or spoils the listener’s delight at any stage or in any of the parts.


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