Bridge to Haven


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    Not all the people in the world are given all the luxuries of life when they are born. There are some who are forced to pave their way and on most occasion such people crumble at the cruel hands of fate. Lena Scott never crumbled, not because she had a firm support but because of the fact that she was with a strong will power. For her the only way she could live her life was going higher and higher in society.

    Though she had to pay the price for her rise but she digested all of the miseries for the sake of the height which she wanted to achieve. After becoming a Hollywood star she brought fame down to its knees in front of her and the world just bow down in her respect.

    Bridge to Haven

    Abra was Lena’s real name and it was Zeke who found her in the open near a bridge. Now Zeke and his son are the closest allies Lena has in her life and it is through their eyes that we observe the rise of a super star. Though Abra rises very quickly but there are people around her who want to make use of her fame and the beauty which she possesses.

    So after getting all the success, Abra realizes that she has burnt all the boats and there is no way she can get back home from this land of fame. Exploitation is always at the core of the silver screen and this girl who has already suffered a lot, goes on to make one final decision.

    Francine Rivers’ books Redeeming Love and The Lady’s Mine had a glowing romance in them but this one is connected more to the real world in all the aspects. Don’t forget to appreciate Kate Forbes’ performance as the narrator of the story.

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