Whiskey Lies


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Whiskey lies was an overall great story! It hit all the tropes and made me feel some type of way. Brittannee Nicole really did a wonderful job hooking us in, but also keeping us engaged. I was ready for this book! I was ready to fall in love with the story and say I enjoyed it.

What I was not ready for was the narration of this book! Holy smokes… and a bag of chips!! This was one of the best narrated books I have listened to!! The voices were everything… and I truly mean EVERYTHING!!

Joe Arden was the narrator for Cash, while Grace was narrated by Lucy Rivers. And let me tell you, they both delivered a freaken performance! A very unforgettable performance. I mean guys… have you even heard Joe Arden’s narrations? I sure have, and I knew I’d enjoy his portrayal of Cash, but holy crap was I not prepared to fall in love with this man’s voice at all!! He did such a grate job portraying just how much Cash truly loved and cherished Grace throughout the entire book, which is 46 chapters! Lucy Rivers was an amazing Grace and really delivered on the emotion one would expect from someone going through so much tragedy and life changing experiences.

Whiskey Lies

Whiskey lies is an emotional read. It will make you sad, make you angry and excited all at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and even though I am fuming at the cliffhanger, I know that will be listening to the audiobook for book 1 as soon as it is available. GO CHECK THIS AUDIOBOOK OUT!! Even if you have read the paperback or the ebook, the audiobook will hit soooo different. PLUS… you get to hear all the steamy scenes out loud!!!! GO GO GO!!!

From the beginning, I knew the author had some serious talent! I jumped right into this story. The chemistry between Cash and Grace was electric. Grace was so sassy, while Cash had sexiness in spades.
Grace meets Cash in 1st class on her way to a weekend getaway. Cash strikes up a conversation and then orders champagne. They have this amazing weekend and then life happens.
Although you can’t imagine the turn it’s about to take. There is so much drama that they have to deal with and some of it pits themselves against the other. And then…..the cliffhanger. I knew it was coming.
I’ve been trying process all of my emotions. Because this author leaves you feeling everything…happiness, anger, frustration, confusion, love, hopefulness and so many more.
The narration was amazing. Joe Arden gave a dark, rich, smoothe tone to Cash. Lucy did a great job with both the confident Grace and the Grace who felt like she was beaten down for a bit.


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