Krondor: The Assassins


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Peace has left Krondor and many attempts of the enemy have been stopped to ravage the land but still the darkness has not yet left the land. Prince Arutha was fighting a battle on the war front for years and now after defeating his enemies he is back in the empire. Issues in the empire has gone out of hands, a series of murders have made everyone hide in their houses. One way or the other the murderer must be brought to justice or the people will lose more than they lost in the days of the war.

Arutha has seen worse situation but in those eras the enemies were known and here the people are so afraid of the unseen enemy that they prefer to live in their mole hills all the time. Not only the streets but the sewers are loaded with dead bodies and those dead bodies are in a state that can make anyone go wild in fear. Most of the dead bodies are of the Mockers and their head too has gone missing for a while, looks like someone has planned to end the whole guild.

Krondor: The Assassins

It could be Crawlers or the Nighthawks but the clues are not clear. James is selected for the investigation because he knows the sewers more than anyone else after all he once had a home there. Hard to believe that Raymond E. Feist the man who talked about Rage of a Demon King and Shadow of a Dark Queen has now come with the tale of the sewers.

Many after listening to the part in Peter Joyce’s voice think that the author was left with no other ideas so he selected the sewers but it is not the case. Raymond always had this idea in mind that’s why he planted James in the story before all of this.


Krondor: The Betrayal

Krondor: Tear of the Gods


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