Krondor: The Betrayal


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    Kingdom of Isles has been unlucky from the beginning of time, whenever it prospers enemy from all side leap on it in order to make their own fortune better. Rulers like the Demon king and the Emerald Queen tore the kingdom into many pieces in stories like Rage of a Demon King and Shadow of a Dark Queen. With the struggle of the people and leaders it has been able to reestablish once again.

    For the first time the empire has seen peace for nine years but this was the time that was consumed in reconstruction of the empire. Just when the people think that they have achieved their lost glory to some extent another evil lurks on the borders. The dark elf is back with a bang and with it the Nighthawks have returned and they are more blood thirsty than ever.

    Krondor: The Betrayal

    This however is just the apparent scene from the inside there is a secret group of people that is encouraging these savages to bring havoc in the empire. Raymond E. Feist introduces a group of magician known as the Six that is working behind the curtain this time and is trying to fulfill its dark agenda. The author has brought magic back in the story after a long time and the series has been mix sort of a thing sometime we see magic in it and then it just becomes a clash of the warriors at some stages. Peter Joyce’s narration never slips whether it is magic or war in the battlefield the narrator gives an exact and accurate voice to all kind of scenes in the series.

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