The Pirates of Pompeii


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    Awesome for the kids and appealing for the adults the saga approaches its third part very quickly. The crew nearly got eradicated in The Secrets of Vesuvius but their good fortune just saved them in the end. They lost heavily against the volcanic eruption but they are thankful for their fate that they did not get buried under those horrible flames.

    The Pirates of Pompeii

    Reaching Pompeii was part of their plan in the previous part now when they have reached their destination they plan of taking their mission to the next level. They want to know what has happened to them and hundreds of other people at Vesuvius. A man named Patron seems to have a clue but he is hard to find by the ordinary beings of the island. For him, Flavia and her gang have to go deep underground and bear the brunt of the horrible pirates who can make anyone their slave after looting all their belongings.

    Caroline Lawrence started Flavia’s mission by simple missing dog issue in The Thieves of Ostia now the girl faces pirates and slave dealers which have no mercy for human flesh. Looks like the flames the team faced at Mount Vesuvius were just a rehearsal for them because they face real horror here and the hands of human traders. Justine Eyre’s voice is the new entry in this part along with the character of the pirates. Eyre possesses a special liking for pirates perhaps that’s why the narrator was picked for this part. The rest of the old characters are also not left stranded by the narrator, each one goes in complete balance.

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